About Me

Welcome, I’m Tommy!

An Architectural Designer Discovering My Way Through “Society.”

Hailing from a small suburban town of Fredericksburg, Virginia, I’m a first-generation designer learning how to navigate the nuances of adulthood in today’s world, balancing personal aspirations and carpe diem, and being intentional in thought and actions.


Architectural Design

This is my bread and butter. I studied at Virginia Tech, a well-known technical school for its architecture graduates. My design sensibilities continue to grow, but my skillsets are geared towards project management and technical design.

Creative Writing

My writing has a propensity to combine fun and engaging conversational style while breaking down serious or thought-provoking topics.

Business Operations

As a child of business owners, I have valuable first-hand experience in understanding the complexity of running and operating a business. This bleeds into my role at Archi Hacks, Arch-Hive, and Meme Architects.

Content Creation

This is it.


Associate at MG2 Corporation

2021 – Present

Effectively support the project design process in the Client Programs Studio and coordinate all aspects toward successful completion while increasing project ownership.

Administrator at Arch-Hive

2021 – Present

Provide general and administrative support to a startup self-publishing platform for architects and support overall long-term goals.

Editor + Business Advisor at Archi Hacks

2021 – Present

Generate article content, review article submission to deliver digestible, informative, and fun articles, and provide overall business support. Utilize quantified data and metrics to target quarterly/yearly goals.

Architectural Coordinator at Meme Architects

2022 – Present

Support the project design process of a conceptual design group as a third-party reviewer and mediate meetings. Interface with architecture publications, like Architizer, to increase engagement of Meme Architects. Featured on Architizer and Arch-Hive.

Let’s Create Together!