Facing the pandemic

Since graduating in May, I have been stressed about finding opportunities and deciding what’s next to this grand journey we call life. I went from frantically searching for jobs and making connections to questioning my personal and professional life. I have reached out to people, created two mentor-mentee relationships with architects, applied for a fellowship, taken LinkedIn learning courses, and picked up a part-time job as an events associate.

Here’s is what I learned: 

  1. How to be patient when finding opportunities especially during a pandemic that has affected the world
  2. If you want to achieve a certain goal then believe you are taking the right steps in that direction even when you don’t see the results
  3. Family is important, but it’s necessary to know when to be selfish for yourself
  4. Being who you are is 10x more important than what you see on that resume
  5. Comparing yourself to another will only deplete your energy
  6. Exercising often and staying hydrated is important for your mental health too
  7. Learn to accept personal flaws and develop those weakness to strengths
  8. Believe in yourself and your ability 
  9. Be more empathetic
  10. You aren’t in this alone

I’m still struggling to be patient and believing in my worth. Whether I belong in my chosen career or another, I’m continually learning more about myself as I move forward. It’s easy to spot out the negatives in this journey, but I’m blessed to see the outcomes from this pandemic. These lessons may seem arbitrary, but I believe these are constant scenarios that come into everyone’s lives. All I’ve done may seem random, but the goal is to learn and sharpen my skills. I aspire to do more with the life that I’ve been blessed with so I know the time I’m investing in now will help me in the future.


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