Venture For America Fellowship

I mentioned in my previous blog that I was applying for a fellowship program, but didn’t give any details about it so here it is!

The fellowship is with Venture for America! It’s an amazing fellowship that seeks out recent graduates to experience entrepreneurship first-hand within a startup environment equipping them with necessary skills to improve the economic ecosystem in growing cities. It’s a four-step selection process; resume screening, essay portion, interview, and a full day of exercises and interviews. They receive over 3000+ applications and accept an average of 205 applicants to give you a picture of how thorough VFA selects their fellows. The program places their fellows in one of their 14 placement cities; Baltimore, Birmingham, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, San Antonio, and St. Louis. They wanted to funnel talents into these growing cities than to have more individuals go to larger metropolitan areas like LA, San Francisco, or New York City.

I never know about Venture for America until Joel Vazquez reached out to me through handshake to apply. I was inspired to apply by past fellows and VFA’s mission to improve the ecosystems of cities, socially or economically. Although I was a strong candidate, they moved forward with others whose skills and experiences are most closely aligned with the program.

It was sad to read that I couldn’t move forward with this amazing program, but it gave me hope for the future. The world became much bigger through this process of learning what I could do with my degree and experiences. Funny enough, I had a dream about receiving this fellowship so I thought the universe was reciprocating my signals. However, I still aspire for my career to have socio-economic impact on communities. Fingers crossed!

Thanks to anyone reading my journey! Writing has never been my strength and it has been therapeutic during this time.

I’m still looking for opportunities in the design industry!


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