Learning How to Pitch Myself

Most, if not all, who’s reading my blog does not know how difficult it is for me to pitch myself. Why do I have so much trouble with this essential skill? I WAS NEVER TAUGHT HOW TO!! Growing up in an asian household, I was taught to be humble and allow my to work speak for itself. However, this does not work all the time in a saturated market. Setting aside your skills and experiences, learning how to excite employers by pitching yourself is another mission.

We’ve all seen how writing and communication skills have declined through the intervention of technology, but what does that mean? Thousands of young adults, like myself, has difficulty navigating the thin-line between confidence, arrogance, professionalism, and imposter syndrome. So what have I done to improve these weaknesses?

I learned how to pitch myself and communicate better through applying for the Venture for America fellowship, dozens of cover letters, coffee chats, and etc. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Venture for America fellowship required writing 2 essays about 300-500 words forcing me to be direct in content.
  • My cover letters are specific to each firm/company so highlighting skills and experiences pertinent to the position developed a better sense of priority.
  • Improving my communication, I joined a networking service called Lunchclub connecting me with individuals across the globe establishing meaningful and inspiring conversations with strangers under an hour.
  • I gained more confidence to network with people through LinkedIn asking for coffee chats to learn more about a specific company. So far, no one messaged me back on LinkedIn.
  • I’m currently reading The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill engaging in practical steps and thinking to be successful!
  • Evaluating myself after interviews.

Balancing between self-development while applying to companies and working on my portfolio has been challenging. Although I do not have a benchmark indicating growth, I can see the results of my effort.

Write down in the comments if you felt like this was something you struggled with! If you want to have a short and low-commitment coffee chat, let me know! Head over to my portfolio too!

P.S. I’m challenging myself to write a blog every saturday about my journey so stay tuned!

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