What Motivation?!?

Good morning readers or should I say minhions? I’ll stop now… I’m here to deliver another blog on this fine Saturday morning!

If you notice the video, click play! Cool, right? That was me 4 or 5 years ago in the early part of my parkour journey. You’re probably wondering why I showed this clip to begin my blog about motivation. Well… Growing up, I was fat. I’m talking about obesity in the 3rd grade and the brunt of my family’s jokes. It became so inherent that my “nickname” in Vietnamese was mập which meant fat in English. I had terrible insecurities about myself, as a result let’s just say I wasn’t a good bean. Fast forward, I was so frustrated with constant negative remarks about my body that I set out to prove a point. I began my fitness journey starting freshman year of highschool in 2010.

You see, there’s this negative idea that your motivation or drive has to be this grand sentiment, but I think it could start by wanting to prove something. Whether that is proving something to yourself or others, it gives a temporary reason to start. It’s okay to have the fire lit by an external force, but it is up to you to keep that fire going.

How did I manage to keep this motivation all these years?

I changed the narrative and perspective. Several times.


My motivation started by proving a point, but over the years it became a sense of joy. I love having my body move freely whether through parkour, exercising, or extreme sports. The ability to see and play with the built environment as a gigantic jungle gym is something not many people can do. Eventually, I fell in love with how I looked and felt forming an interest in fashion and amateur modeling which is another aspect that came from just “proving a point.” The constant change of narrative and perspective of one motivation allowed myself to explore the fluidity of my soul.

So how could all that translate to a professional setting?


The endless hours invested into my fitness journey and having a single goal formed the foundation of positive habits that are integral to my success

Plan, Execute, and Work

In a world where everything is at your fingertips, what do you choose? This notion creates something called a “paralyzing paradox.” It is the feeling where you want to make a good choice, but can’t. For example, when you go to a restaurant how many times do you get stuck on what to eat? It’s annoying, right?

View life like a menu at a restaurant! Figure out the ingredients, how it is prepared, and try it! Don’t like it? Come back on another day and try something else. There’s so many options that we are fortunate to have, but it becomes a negative factor causing us to stress out. Don’t even get me started on personal struggles with motivation.

Therefore, keep your goal or motivation simple and build from there. In my case, write a blog every Saturday, develop my older projects, send out at least 3 applications/week, and continue to chase after my long-term goal.

I’ve had many people tell me that they were inspired by my drive to excel, but I never reflected why I continue to move forward.

The only difference that sets me apart is that I am willing take one step forward at a time. I tell people that my motivation comes from being bored because I never had a distinct reason. It was just fun moving forward and seeing how my life unfolded. 

I lied.

My motivation is that I can’t sit idly when my actions can influence a future where I can make a difference for just being me.

The beauty of any goal or motivation is simple. It could be fulfilled today, next month, or in several years. It’s continual process of exploration and being held accountable to your own standards. Others may view your goal as vain or superficial, but you are controlling the narrative. Just be a good bean and have fun playing the game of life!

Well that’s all there is to my post today! I hope you enjoy the read.</p>

Also the featured image is by David McEachan from Pexels

No motivation?!? Let’s start one!

No judgement zone: write in the comments below what you want to prove to yourself or others.

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