Staying focused = Less conversations

Featured image is by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Good morning minhions, I hope this weekend is amazing for you! Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy the writings of an ever-evolving human striving to gain your attention with provocative vocabulary. Kidding…

I want to start this blog with something I wrote a while back on a bench.

The deafening silence in my mind with only chirps to remind me that I’m present

That I am here

My men ready to fight the war of thoughts

Hearty and strong at best, but not the strength I need

The state of mind is fickle

Easy to disturb

Harder to calm

The imagination ends

Sitting here

The turbulent thoughts stilled by the silence.

Interpret that snippet in any way you’d like.

From graduation to now, I began focusing on myself through fitness and the ongoing search for a career making it a lonely path. I can remember the constant laughs and crazy schedule at Virginia Tech, but always hated the lack of financial stability (just another broke college student). Now I’m constantly weighing decisions about my future causing me to redirect my efforts and the type of conversations I had with others. From going to . . .

“What are you up to”

“Let’s go do something”

to. . .

“I haven’t talked to you in forever!!”

It’s a natural progression of life becoming more conscious of the time we expend on things changing both actions and conversations we have.

Staying focused = less conversations with others.

Staying focused = more conversations with yourself.

I’ve been having more conversations with myself learning about what I need and want. For instance, am I willing to loosen the imaginary constraint on the idea of success and how to achieve it? This is one of many important and ongoing conversations I have through these blogs and others.

This is why my thoughts are at war.

My brain is filled with these type of conversations because I have the luxury right now with the pandemic and career hunt.

This doesn’t mean I’ve become some hermit just endlessly applying to jobs and removing my friends from my mind!! I may get a little awkward because I can’t do much “small talk” anymore, but my relationships with individuals have deepen.

This is why conversations with yourself is so important!! You get to be kind and reasonable with yourself about your future. People will recognize this! They will be infatuated with how perceptive you are towards yourself causing them to look inward. This will inadvertently help improve the self-development and consciousness of the human collective.

I’m here, but how do I walk toward this direction of self-development and aspiration while fighting fear and doubt?!?

I’m young both in age and professional experience that I find myself justifying decisions based on factors that are non-conducive to my potential. When will it stop? I’m not sure… All I know is that I’m constantly going through the evolving process of self-accountability.

Minhions, I know it’s hard to know what you want especially for the future but I urge to have a FAIR conversation with yourself! It is easy to be negative when you are talking to yourself so please be kind too!


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