Frustrations of buying a new vehicle!!

Good morning minhions! I hope your week has been amazing filled with happiness and caffeine!! Today, I want to tell you about my first accident and the journey of trying to purchase a new vehicle.

A few weeks ago, I was involved in a fender-bender that took away my beloved “Big Bertha” from me. I was on my way home from playing tennis hungry and ready to eat, but BAM. First accident – totalled car. She was a 2013 white nissan rogue that I’ve had since junior year of high school. She witnessed tears, joys, stupidity, and love so it was really sad that I had to say goodbye. In a way, it was poetic because I’m setting off on a new journey after graduation and Big Bertha’s time was over.


To continue, I have been searching for a couple of weeks the specific pickup truck I wanted.

I’ve never felt so flustered and confused on this new journey that everyone will eventually have. The dealerships are always packing the most expensive packages and I’m like I don’t need all of that!! A first-time buyer like me who focuses on convenience/usage more than aesthetics can be very picky in terms of prices, packages, and accessories.

Although frustrating, my dad and my uncle has been providing tips and tricks about dealing with salesmen and dealerships. These resources are integral to finding a successful price range for a new car and understanding new vocabulary.

A place to look for fair prices would be Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds!

The final negotiation price isn’t even the final price when you walk out the door! WHY! Always ask questions and especially for the spec sheet/invoice so you can see the break down of the vehicle.

I’ve been using this calculator to figure the amount I have to pay on a new vehicle so I can calculate that amount into the final price when making offer.

Make sure to include sales tax, charges, and deals when calculating your offer.

At the end of the day, I’m learning more about adult purchases, how to negotiate, finance, and the best usage of auto loans. It’s fun learning these things as long as you aren’t being rushed otherwise it’s a huge mess. If you have tips and tricks that you used at a dealership, please write them down in the comments to help me or others that are struggling with this!!!!

Here’s a list of additional resources I’ve been learning from when making a purchase!


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