Life Update pt. 2

Hello and good morning Minhions! I hope you enjoy the light reading of my life while snuggling in your blanket! I’m not sure where all my readers are from, but the weather for my area has been sporadic!! It could be 80 degrees one day then 40 the next which isn’t the best mixture to stay healthy. So sip your coffee, your tea, or anything iced – to each their own!

You know, I started this blog as a creative outlet because I was stressed about not having a job after graduating. This led to some deep and enlightening holes about myself. If you ask me 6 months ago where I thought I would be, it wouldn’t be here. I wanted to graduate and get a simple 9-5 job in architecture and explore different avenues of life. However, as you all know that didn’t happen.


I was given the opportunity to talk to dozens of inspiring individuals and learn about so many paths that I can take. Possibly grasping at different straws for my future, but it gave me clarity about my career. Here are a few things since graduation that I’m proud of:

1. Content Writer for ArchiHacks

Who knew that I would be a writer? I give thanks to this blog and ArchiHacks for this opportunity. To be honest, I have never been a strong writer especially in the grammar department! One of the two “C”s I received in my college career was Spring semester freshman english… I know… How did I even join an architecture website as a content writer?!? Grammar might not be my strength, but keepings things lighthearted while delivering content through writing is a little better! I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.

Starting now, I’ll be creating content for the platform. My articles may have been posted by the time this blog comes out, I’m not 100 percent sure!

If any of my readers are interested in architecture tips or learn more, please visit ArchiHacks.

2. Freelance Designer for SL Haus Group

On my opportunity hunt post-graduation, I received a freelance position with SL Haus through UpWork. Upwork is a platform for freelancers to take on any type of jobs! Using this blog as practice, I had to submit a proposal through UpWork for a chance to be interviewed. This is where all my effort of learning how to write professionally, direct, and informational came in handy. Unlike blogs where I would to show my personality, I had to balance between personality and professionalism. Crazy! Anywho, I’ve been supporting this firm through Revit producing 3D models and construction documents on several projects.

Although still searching for full-time opportunities in large cities, I’m grateful to gain experience and support an amazing and kind firm! Rest assured, I made my intentions clear because I believe in clear communication in professional relationships.

They are a small firm in Boston! Here’s their website if you are interested! SL Haus Group

3. Gaining New Followers

When I started this blog, I wasn’t hoping to gain followers. It was a platform for anyone interested in a suburban Asian American architectural designer trying to dissect who he was, what he is, and what he wants to become. So thank you to my 9 followers who felt that my journey is relatable. Here’s to more?!

In addition to my blog, I gained new followers on my Instagram account. It’s hard to figure out all the tips and tricks of leveraging social media to my advantage, but I’m trying. Like this blog, I have a weekly post on Monday of my New Lens series. If you want to learn more about that, please head over to my portfolio!

4. Venue Manager and Events Associate at 718 Venue

718 Venue is a space in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg, VA available for all types of events. With that being said, I met a lot of different individuals, teared up at weddings, and danced to fun music. Event planning was never my intention, but I wanted to stay adaptable during the pandemic leveraging multiple roles to ensure employers that I’m well-rounded candidate. A short anecdote to lighten the flood of information! Being a big romantic, I teared up when I saw the groom and mother dance at a wedding. My coworker looked over to me and said, “Your time will come, just wait.” We laughed, but I replied, “I’m not ready!!!!” I’m sure many can relate to this, but marriage is out of the mind for now. We can talk about how and why I’m a big romantic on another blog.

The venue is beautiful and the people are sweet!

All these responsibilities can be a lot to handle, but I think it’s important to stay active and adaptable in uncertain times! One thing is certain, I’m lucky to have mentors, friends, and family that look out for my future. Everyday I’m learning to love myself by accepting these achievements and stay optimistic about the future. I’m not sure where this will lead, but excited to share my life with those reading.

If my story ever inspires you or at least make you smile through failed attempts of humor, please reach out!


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