Contradictory Choices

Good morning Minhions, I apologize for missing last week’s post! I made a promise to myself that I would write a weekly blog, but felt burned-out from all the news and things coming my way. Nonetheless, I’m back to share another thought in my head, so sip on your beverage of choice and enjoy my thoughts.

I’ve started watching this popular K-Drama called, “Start-Up” on Netflix. The premise of the show explores the complicated relationship between several people while in the world of entrepreneurship and startups. The ups and down creating a business against all odds while facing the uncertainty of love, life, and loss. I recall a scene between two significant figures; one is a senior investor, while the other, is a young CEO of a startup. The senior investor is a mentor and shared a bit of advice with the young CEO, “there are no good or bad CEOs. A CEO can only make choices, so if you can’t make a choice then you aren’t a CEO.” Obviously, this was a profound moment in the series, but it gave food for thought in my head…

On a completely different note, I’m a mentee in a new AIA program called “Operation Reach, Retain, and Develop.” This program supports new architecture graduates of the pandemic to stay within the profession by providing mentors and guidance. I had a meeting yesterday with AIA along with other professionals discussing their alternative careers to architecture. Nick Serfass, an executive director at RVA Tech, presented his unique alternative career originating from architecture. The presentation was lighthearted and comedic with great input for achieving an alternative career. In a 15-minute presentation with only 15 slides, Nick touched on thoughts that seem so simple, yet we forget about them all the time. One slide had,


Coincidentally, I was writing an article for ArchiHacks discussing alternative careers to architecture. The article focused on careers distant from architecture giving a unique perspective on the possibilities of the design and technical degree. If interested, you can read the article by clicking this link.

By now, you are probably wondering where I’m going with this. Well, it all boils down to choices, careers, and ourselves.

As children, everything was black and white. There were right and wrong answers, now there are only choices. We are defined by the choices we made, will make or didn’t make.

Normally I don’t look too much into astrology, but I read a post about my astral sign in passing. Whether you believe it or not, it opened up thoughts. I forgot what was on the post, but it left enough of an impression for me to think about my position, choices, and future.

There is fear and uncertainty with every step I take towards the future. I am full of contradictions and this makes me human. Don’t you find it beautiful that this mix of emotions entangling our short lives is the entirety of our existence and what we know?

I think humans contradict themselves all the time. Who they wanted to be growing up dealt with the choices that they are faced with. We can experience a mix of emotions in one day based on a decision we made in a millisecond without any real thought.

How do you think we would feel if we can remember all the choices we made?

Another slide that Nick Serfass shared during his presentation,


Perspective isn’t just a drawing that’s in an architect’s arsenal. Perspective is a necessary vision that allows us to be free of imaginary constraints that we place on ourselves. An understanding that being receptive to opportunities and choices although it can contradict what we envision for ourselves can still lead us on a unique journey.

It’s okay to be filled with contradictory choices; the world isn’t black and white. However, it is a choice allowing those decisions dictate our lives as we begin to grow and explore our humanity.


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