Ephemeral MoMinhts of 2020

Good beautiful morning minhions, I hope these past few days have been cheerful for you. I was struggling to find motivation to do work between Christmas and New Years. Ironically, I saw a tweet from Eugene Yang saying that there are 6 days between the two celebrations. 6 days of no work to allow yourself to start fresh for the coming year of 2021, unfortunately, I couldn’t bare to sit still. Through a conversation with a dear friend of mine, she jokingly said, “You and I share the same mentality that America has raised us to be constantly producing.” Although not entirely wrong, I shared that it was a discontentment towards my personal position in regards to my long-term goals. Don’t get me wrong here, I understand taking breaks is necessary but wanting to move forward and progress is second-nature to me.

Don’t you find yourself wondering how far you can achieve if you put effort towards a certain direction?

As I ask this of you, understand, I cherish every passing moment of my life that are important yet fleeting all in a blink of an eye. On December 27, 2020, I was pleasantly listening to music driving down interstate 81 with my college friends. We were on our way to go snowboarding at Massanutten and every mountain we passed felt like another memory left my brain. These inexplicable fleeting moments that I experienced in that car will be forgotten, yet our lives are revolved around these moments.

In fact, I recall a conversation with another friend about the notion of “simple-living” with every passing farm. She finds herself in a predicament of comfort and complacency, meanwhile feeling pressured to pursue an ideal notion of success. Please keep in mind, I’m not lessening anyone’s experience, but to purely enjoy a hard day of work and enjoying oneself without “feeling” judged is freeing. On a road trip, I wondered…

Will I be satisfied at death’s door step?

A provoking and silly question while driving, to say the least, but necessary to answer a contrived notion of being present. The present is a gift that turns into a memory, eventually becoming a forgotten story imbedded into the depths of our unconscious mind. Whether we remember or not, a fleeting memory will have shifted our mind impacting our future-selves to progress or regress.

Don’t worry though, 2020 will be recorded in history so we will never forget. This year has impacted us in several ways and I implore you all to ask yourself, what have you learned? I gained a new profound sense of self, confidence, and excitement for the next portion of my life. To summarize the accomplishments that are important to me:

  • Graduated Virginia Tech with a Bachelors of Architecture, Cum Laude
  • Gained 28 followers for my blog
  • Gained 45 followers for my Instagram
  • Made 125 new connections on LinkedIn
  • Made 17 connections on LunchClub
  • Wrote 14 articles for ArchiHacks
  • Received a freelance design position at SL Haus Group where I’m working on 10 projects
  • Became a venue manager & events associate at 718 Venue
  • Sent over hundreds of emails and job applications with or without response

Hopefully, 2021 will bring more opportunities for all of us. Thank you so much for those reading my blog! I’m excited for the stories, lessons, and new beginnings that I can share with you all!


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