Review #1 Alice in Borderland

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Good Morning, everyone. Today is a different blog post as I tucked myself in the confines of my room working, writing, and endlessly applying to jobs! Most of you may not know, but I go through dozens of shows and movies in a month. I wanted to break down this Japanese show, Alice in Borderland, that took three days of my life and premiered on December 10. It’s a short series consisting of 8 episodes and 48 minutes per episode; a total of 6:48 hours.

It’s a must-watch for those who loved Battle Royale

Ryohei Arisu, the main character, acted by Kento Yamazaki, was an unambitious young man dealing with societal and familial pressure to be “successful.” After leaving a discussion to meet his friends, little, did they know that everything will change.

Alice in Borderland is a dystopian thriller series filled with death, murder, and psychological fear, leaving you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Placed in a parallel world resembling Tokyo, people must partake in sadistic games to live. However, each game has its own risk, so participants could end up losing their lives regardless of winning other games.

There are several ongoing themes throughout this series; humanity, survival, and hope. Reasonably similar to another classic Japanese film, Battle Royale. The show revolves around Ryohei Arisu struggling with a universal moral question, “What will you do to live?” An honest struggle in a dystopian life or death scenario.

As I’m sure, everyone would believe they know what to do in that situation. However, our instinct to survive can disregard the moral values that society has created and placed trust in. As hope lingers for our contestants on the brink of death, they realize that to find the game master, they have to win all challenges.

The show was a hit on Netflix that they already renewed the contract for a second season! I’m so excited and can’t wait for the new season to come. Anywho, for those who typically read my blog about my life, hang tight! There’ll be more life, news, and lessons for the future.


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