1 Month into 2021

Good morning minhions. It’s been a pleasant time balancing between applying to jobs, friendships, binging shows, and personal goals, but I found myself lacking in contentment. I’ve been so hyperfocused to chase after my dreams that I forgot what it means to be present. It’s only been a month in 2021 and already has its challenges personally and globally. Let’s break down some critical topics that have been circulating in my mind.

The short-squeeze on Gamestop, AMC, and other notable companies have circulated all media platforms from Wallstreetbets’ decision to “rally the troops,” impacting hedge fund managers to lose millions! What exactly does that mean? In an unprecedented event, retail investors have banded together and pitted capitalism against the wealthy. However, this has caused significant problems on Wall Street, SEC, White House, etc., signifying the corruption behind the wealthy and seeing the few control over the many. As a result, Robinhood, a known e-platform for retail investors, and others face class-action lawsuits for denying the public the ability to opt-in and allow only to sell. If you haven’t seen comments everywhere, the masses want to hold onto these shorted stocks to force the wealthy to lose millions in favor of the general public. This opportunity is slowly giving rise to cryptocurrencies that don’t rely on a central banking system. I’m not educated in this subject to further break these things down, so you must research yourself.

On the other hand, this plays into a risky game of quick-money schemes versus wealth! Although impressive for retail investors who could reap the short-squeeze benefits, I fear many do not understand the long-term financial wealth. If you happen to be a healthy investor reading this, then what are some of your thoughts on day-trading or short-term investments versus long-term?

In my professional life, I have lost count on how many times I’ve been rejected! Oddly enough, I gained confidence from being dismissed because it illustrates that firms look at my application and know that I tried. I am not sure how it correlates, but I suppose it’s the acceptance and knowledge that I should not be ashamed of myself. I interviewed with two firms, and both described me as a strong candidate but had to evaluate the business needs versus the ability to take on a junior designer. However, I’m still astonished at the people I speak to, whether that’s interviewing or making introductions! Like the other day, I talked to the Chief Financial Officer of a large architecture firm located in Richmond through a referral! Still, you can find me anxious when I think about the new graduating class of architecture students because the market is becoming more saturated and difficult to find work.

In writing news, my role at ArchiHacks has slowly increased by writing over 20+ articles; meanwhile, almost reaching 40 followers on this blog without sharing it!! The first month of 2021, so I’m super excited for what’s to come through writing!

Overall, my life is so uncertain, making me both excited and anxious! At the same time, I binged all the shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Anime, so I find myself going through post-depression binge a lot these days. We have 11 more months to this year, so I’m praying for miracles, new shows, and exciting news for all! Follow my blog for more updates, thoughts, and ramblings on all sorts of topics and personal development.


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