Insanity. Blog Post #20

Dear readers, I’m sorry that I’ve been absent from writing these blog posts because of my not-so-new career and the copious amounts of writing I do for ArchiHacks. Though it’s not my intention to gain some recognition through writing, I felt it was necessary to apologize on behalf of those who have followed me from the beginning. When I began writing, I promised myself that I would post regularly, but it doesn’t always work out as one can understand. Writing was an outlet, then it became a job, and now I find myself missing the tranquil silence when all I did was reflect and appreciate my thoughts. Today, I’m back to continue writing these blogs, sharing my opinion, and improve my writing. I’m sure my number for the blog is incorrect, but we will be starting at #20!

You may be curious why I titled today’s blog “Insanity.” It’s a pretty straightforward, intriguing, and cliched topic that everyone may have heard here or there – what constitutes an individual as insane? As children, we easily differentiate between what we perceive as usual or weird, but lines blur, and definitions are loose as adults. Simply put, we are all insane; insanity is classified as being either mentally ill or irrational. Yet, insanity can be a socially driven concept in which what we perceive as our standard is the datum when comparing the lives of others. I would like to note that I’m coming from the perspective of insanity of those who tirelessly chase after a vision they embedded in their minds. 

Now that was an excellent motivational video about insanity! Recently, I’ve been consuming a lot of Youtube content about the era of modern men and what needs to happen to properly set men in a position to be the protector and provide for his family. Now before you jump to conclusions, I’m not insinuating any detrimental ideologies or remarks regarding male rights activism, feminism, gender roles, etc. I’m only sharing to provide the context in my disorganized mass of gray matter which you are consuming through these words. However, I ask, and I’m curious about the state of insanity because I find my actions quite irrational to my surroundings. From sun-up to sun-down, I’m booked with work, side hustles, or obligations that must be tended to all while sitting in one confined space with my beloved dog, leaving me with only a few hours in my day to produce results. With only a few hours, this guarantees me enough time to sleep, eat, and go to the gym three times/week! Wouldn’t this make you go crazy? Day-in and day-out – one location, and that is all?

Disclaimer: To all my gym-goers, gym enthusiasts, or, if you will, gym rats, you can still achieve healthy muscular gains and improve health with three days of going to the gym!  

So when I think of insanity or irrational behavior, I aspire to those who train their minds or body to the degree that differentiates them from the population. Think Lebron James or Elon Musk, an obviously stark difference between the two and powerhouses in their respective fields. I actually don’t want to reach their level, but I wonder where my work ethic, countless hours of writing, and go-lucky persona will take me?

Aren’t you curious yourself?

On some level, I know what I’m doing is highly unsustainable and leaves a trail of anxiety about what could be done or questioning whether I’m wasting my time. On the other hand, I’m jealous of those who “seemingly” easily reach these levels, especially those in my circle. Yet, I can also assume the amount of dedication and wherewithal for one to reach those places. Sadly, the path I’m on can be pretty lonely too, and I miss out on many friend activities. I want to be selfish and enjoy myself a little more – I think the majority at my age would instead let loose and live, yet I can’t fully appreciate the sweetness of what life has to offer when I’m thinking about my future family. I’m a long way off from a family, but I don’t want to come to a point where I’m physically and emotionally ready, but not financially. People sometimes need to reflect on why they want children and if it’s for selfish reasons. You and your partner are bringing in new life, and the child shouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of poor planning. This is besides the point, but I’m wrapping up my thoughts for today! I hope you enjoyed it, and stick around by subscribing to my blog!

The last thing I’d like to mention is my Youtube page! If you enjoy my thoughts through writing, why not subscribe to my channel where I collaborate with my dear friend OJ. We explore dating, personal lives, funny things, react to videos, and many other topics between two adults in their twenties and beyond!


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