Do You Do Crazy Dances? Blog #21

Dear readers,

I will start a fun new series of blogs asking you and myself either superficial or deep questions to help root us in who we are. People and movies weren’t kidding when they say that your 20s is a period of your life when you live in clarity and obscurity.

So today’s question is . . .

It’s so therapeutic to dance and laugh at the weird body contortions that come out of you! I always enjoyed moving my body for as long as I can remember, but my interest and joy in dancing came around when I was in my early teens. It started when a cousin began breakdancing, and as a way to connect with him, I took that hobby up for a short period. However, I’m sure I became that annoying family member that copies whatever you are doing. I eventually quit break dancing because my heart wasn’t in it, and I made excuses not to train.

Fast forward to university life, I joined the breakdancing club my sophomore year to explore body movement and how it can translate to my fundamentals of parkour movement. During this time, I was dabbling with contemporary dance to see the possibilities and gracefulness in movement. Now I can’t even go a day without doing some random dance in my kitchen, backyard, in the shower, or under the moonlight!

Pun intended. Dancing in the Moonlight is one of my top “must dance no matter where you are” songs! I’m sure my friends and family often question my sanity when they see me enjoying myself. Everyone should be comfortable in their skin and bubble to let loose! Just imagine the moment where the music takes over, your brain shuts off, and you are present in the moment. It may not look pretty, but I bet you can say that felt nice.

That’s all I have for you today readers, please let me know your favorite song to break into dance in the comments! I’ll be continuing this series until I reach the end of the book, so it’s one question a week, and by the end, you might have a better idea of yourself.

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