Mzuzu Uni Library

The library is a service institution.  A collection made accessible to a particular community, the library is defined by its content and the society it serves. The development of the library is inextricably linked with the evolution of these two elements. As the concepts of collection and its accessibility shift through time with the cycles of seminal discoveries and the changes brought by such inventions, they redefine the library’s role in society.

The students naturally created the fastest path from the entrance of the campus to the classrooms, so I centered my design around creating an avenue that cuts through the building providing ease of access and security to the students and resources of the library.
Electricity may not always be available so designing with the intent that the overall space of the project can still be operable using natural daylight was an important feature. (Charcoal Section) 
Structural Section displaying the rhythm of the structure.
Since the project site rarely receives rain and ventilation would be a big issue, I designed the glazing to be on a pivot system in order to allow a large amount of airflow within the library.  However, the space that the books occupy would be in a more air secured space to preserve the life of the book.