Transition Core

Located in Roanoke, Virginia, the area faces a high homelessness rate so the concept emphasizes a core providing security and an enclosed space that will improve mental and physical health for families and individuals. The project consisted of three volumes in stepped height maximizing daylight exposure into the courtyard.


Site Analysis

The existing building covered the natural creek wasting a key feature of the site. I pushed the mass of the building to the edge of the site to widen and utilize the creek.

The building will serve the greater population of Roanoke for those in need and not just the residents, so certain programs were positioned near the main roads to provide quick access without entering the complex. By providing a core, the residents can have a visual connection to the general population; this will create accountability and an underlying sense of community that will positively impact the complex. The form also blocks out unnecessary cold winter winds and maximizes more warm breezes into the center of the project.

By opening the space to all the family units in the project, it provides the families a second space to connect with others in hopes of creating meaningful relationships with one another, both adults and children, through proximity and visual connection.