The Lion and The Elephant by Miriam Dorsett

Good morning minhions! Today, I want to talk to you about Miriam Dorsett and her new children’s book without revealing too much!

Although short, I had a coffee chat with Miriam Dorsett on October 14! It was inspiring to see her goals and future endeavors. Beyond being an artist and author, she is also the founder of a startup, Chibur, that supports local business in the Miami community.

Not many people in the world can find the sweet spot between passion and interest while having financial success. That’s why I couldn’t wait to talk to Miriam when I saw how she found the intersection of art, community, technology, and sustainability in her career. As you know, I’m still trying to find the path(s) to reach my aspirations!

Miriam Dorsett’s new book, The Lion and the Elephant, is a children’s artbook exploring friendship between two very different species. Although both animals have a long list of symbolic meanings, typically lions represent strength while elephants represents wisdom. How can the two be friends when naturally the lion is a predator while the other is not? Great thing it’s a children’s book!

Reality tangent: I’m sure we have friends that are very different from us! So why can’t an elephant and lion be friends?!?

A powerful move in Dorsett’s new book is giving the children the power to illustrate and unfold the story’s ending….


I felt this message now more than ever as a budding adult in a world filled with possibilities and uncertainty. I forget at times that I have the power to control my own narrative and struggle with self-identity. In an age of social media, I’m sure many people, like myself, let go of this power when unconsciously comparing ourselves to the highlights of others.

It doesn’t have to be the highlight of other individuals too! I lost the control of my narrative for a long time when I was trying to chase after this figment of success defined by my own parents. I’m sure many Asian-American immigrants can relate to this feeling… This led to hard moments and harder conversations with people who only want me to let go of that burden.

Sometimes, I arrogantly believe that I could develop myself on my own, but that’s not the truth at all. I’m grateful for friends and family that are willing to set me straight because it is strengthening my resolve.

The resolve to control and take the reigns of my narrative to pursue my goals regardless of circumstances.

The power to stand behind choices and controlling your narrative is a strength that everyone must find so why not let it form when they are young? Instilling this notion for children who are now tech-dependent is important to their personal growth in the future.

Are you controlling your narrative?

You and your child will love this book! Even adults who enjoy coloring will too! If interested, you can learn more about Miriam through this 44 minute podcast.

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